About the Special Olympics Logo

Special Olympics has recently undergone a brand refresh which was rolled out in June 2012. The Special Olympics core symbol and typeface are not changing. However, the Special Olympics logo has a refreshed format of the mark so that it will build brand equity in our symbol. For Accredited Programs, the Special Olympics Logo/Mark includes Symbol, Logotype and Program Name with a new refreshed Program name typography (Ubuntu Italic font). Our symbol expresses the guiding idea for our brand. It contains within it an expression of revealing the champion in all of us. Our symbol transcends language and is a universal expression of our movement.

The Special Olympics Symbol and Logotype (Serpentine Bold) remain the same but we are introducing a number of new approaches including color and alignment. These changes on how we manage the Special Olympics visual identity on a global scale will bring a greater coherence and alignment across the global movement. Visit resources.specialolympics.org/brand for more information.

How to obtain a Special Olympics Rhode Island logo

One of the most popular requests for images on the Special Olympics Rhode Island Press Room site is for the Special Olympics Rhode Island official logo. Requests for a digital EPS, PNG or JPG file of the Special Olympics Rhode Island official logo are reviewed by Special Olympics Rhode Island Staff by contacting gerri@specialolympicsri.org. When making the request please outline in as much detail the intended use of the logo. Local accredited Special Olympics Rhode Island Teams may obtain their offical logo in various formats by contacting the Special Olympics Rhode Island office at (401) 349-4900.

Uses for the Special Olympics Rhode Island Logo

These sorts of placements are common and acceptable:

  • Banners for events
  • Uniforms/T-shirts/sweatshirts
  • Specialty Items (mugs, hats, pens, etc).