Special Olympics Rhode Island offers over 660 sports training and athletic competition opportunities in 20 Olympic type sports. Local training programs can be found in schools, service agencies and in communities throughout the state.

Fall Sports

– begins the last week of August and ends around Thanksgiving.

Traditional Duckpin Bowling
Traditional Soccer
Unified Basketball
Unified Bocce
Unified Corn Hole
Unified Flag Football and Flag Football Skills
Unified Tennis and Tennis Skills
Unified Champion Schools – Middle School Cross Country
Unified Champion Schools – High School Volleyball
SO College – Volleyball
Young Athletes

Winter Sports

– begins the last week of November and ends the first week of March.

Alpine Skiing
Nordic Skiing
Traditional Basketball and Basketball Skills
Unified Duckpin Bowling
Unified Ten Pin Bowling
Unified Volleyball
SO College – Basketball

Spring Sports

– begins the first week of March and ends with the State Summer Games.

Athletics (Track & Field)
Traditional Ten Pin Bowling
Unified Soccer and Soccer Skills
Unified Champion Schools – Basketball
Young Athletes

Summer Sports

– begins the first week of June and ends the last week of August.

Unified Golf and Golf Skills
Unified Sailing
Unified Softball and Softball Skills

Coaches that train our athletes in the sports that we offer, have sports specific training.