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Our brand is our reputation, a reputation that is shared by the Special Olympics’ Global Movement.  This reputation exists in the hearts and minds of the public and all our stakeholders. The power of the Special Olympics brand helps us to raise awareness and funds more effectively, strengthen and build partnerships, and foster inclusive communities worldwide.  We can all serve as brand ambassadors, helping to steward positive brand adherence.

Please follow the branding and logo guidelines when using the Special Olympics Rhode Island logo.  Any use of the SORI logo or any other SORI event related logo (i.e. Penguin Plunge, Celebrate the Movement, etc.) in any form for any purpose must be approved by SORI.  Individuals, teams or group who are fundraising under Special Olympics Rhode Island’s name must follow proper protocol and contact the SORI office.  Use of the SORI logo must be approved.  Unauthorized use by third parties of any SORI logo or SORI event related logo is prohibited without prior approval.

Special Olympics Rhode Island Logo:
Requests for a digital EPS, PNG or JPG file of the Special Olympics Rhode Island official logo are reviewed by SORI staff by contacting  When making a request please outline in as much detail as possible the intended use of the logo.  Local accredited SORI teams may obtain the official logo in various formats by contacting the SORI office.

Helpful Resources for Local Program:
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Special Olympics Brand Quick 1-page Guide
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Special Olympics Fact Sheets:
Special Olympics “Did You Know”
Special Olympics “An Overview”
Special Olympics “Research/Evaluation”

The following links provide information on Special Olympics’ brand identity guidelines, language guidelines, style guide and a fact sheet on intellectual disabilities.  For additional information, please visit the Special Olympics Inc., website.

For additional information, please contact:

Gerri Walter
Vice President of Marketing & Communications
(401) 349-4900