The Super Plunge

The SUPER PLUNGE is an effort to increase both awareness and fundraising for the Torch Run Plunge.  The SUPER PLUNGE is exactly like the Torch Run Plunge, with only one small difference… Instead of plunging into the near-freezing water a single time, “SUPER PLUNGERS” must plunge once PER HOUR for a 24 HOUR period.


In 2013 Chief Elwood Johnson turned the idea of doing a SUPER PLUNGE  into a reality. With a local police department’s mobile command vehicle, a lot of courage and a heaping stack of dry towels, Chief Johnson began his plunging commitment at 12 noon on Saturday and continued once every hour throughout the night and into Sunday. Each plunge was self-documented with his iPhone. For some plunges, Chief Johnson had a crowd of spectators to cheer him on and at others he plunged alone in complete darkness. For his 23rd jump, he plunged with his wife and children. For the 24th, he plunged with the athletes and other participants of the Torch Run Plunge.
In 2015,  SORI Volunteers, Jim Cummings, Bob Mathews, Detective Eric Leclerc and  Firefighter Rick Labreche, made the commitment to join Chief Johnson in the SUPER PLUNGE.  Each man has different motivation for joining: however the one common factor is the 3,200 athletes who participate year-round in Special Olympics RI.  Their goal was to collectively raise over $30,000 which would provide immense assistance to SORI sports programs, allowing them to continue to grow and provide countless opportunities for each of our athletes on and off the playing fields.  In 2016,  Chief William Ziehl, Sgt. Diogo Mello along with Correctional Officers’ Anne LaRocco and Matt Laythe joined Chief Johnson, Det. Leclerc, Firefighter Rick LeBreche (retired), Jim Cummings and Bob Mathews in the SUPER PLUNGE.

This year, Det. Mark Brazil and Sgt. Erica Vieira from URI Police Dept. along with Ron LaBreche and SORI Athlete Michael Bullock will join Chief Elwood Johnson,  Chief William Ziehl, Det. Eric Leclerc, Det. Diogo Mello,  Rick LeBreche and Bob Mathews in the SUPER PLUNGE

2017 Super Plunge Sponsors

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