The Super Plunge

The SUPER PLUNGE is an effort to increase both awareness and fundraising for the Special Olympics Rhode Island. It’s a new spin on a traditional plunge, where a team of individuals plunge into near freezing water once EVERY HOUR for a 24 hour period.  24 hours, 24 plunges, full submersion, no excuses, no backing out!  Since this event started 6 years ago, it’s become one of our most unique and talked about fundraising events.

The 2018 SUPER PLUNGE  will begin at 1:00pm on Saturday, March 24th and continue into Sunday, March 25th, ending at 12:00pm.  The event is being  held at Salty Brine Beach in Galilee.

The 2017 Super Plunge raised $88,000 and the goal for 2018 is to exceed $100,000!  You can help us reach our goal by making a donation to one of our Super Plungers by clicking on their name, which will take you to their fundraising page.

The 2018 Super Plunge Team:
Chief Elwood Johnson (6 years)
Jim Cummings (4 years)
Bo Mathews (5 years)
Detective Eric Leclerc (5 years)
Firefighter (retired) Rick LaBreche (4 years)
Chief William Ziehl (3 years)
Sgt. Diogo Mello (3 years)
Det. Mark Brasil (2 years)
Sgt. Erica Vieira (2 years)
SORI Athlete Michael Bullock (2 years)

New Members:
Ann-Marie Brasil
Officer Tammy David
Officer Keith Lagasse
Officer Jonathan McHugh
Sgt. Mark Sgalia
Honorary SORI Athlete Michael Walter (4 years)

Thank you to the Super Plunge’s most generous sponsors:

Newport Propane, Newport RI – who provides all the heaters and propane to keep the plungers warm.
Kloter Farms, Ellington, CT – provides the beautiful custom built sheds which serve as shelters for the plungers.
Pool and Patio, Coventry, RI – provides the hot tub for the plungers to enjoy after each plunge.

2017 Super Plunge Sponsors

Pool & Patio Center