Become a Day of Event (Class B) Volunteer

Completing the below step makes you eligible to assist at a “one day event” in various roles. Many of these opportunities require no sport specific knowledge and those that do would be noted on the specific event volunteer registration form.
The nature of our events is very face paced and possible risks can be associated with a specific sport. For this reason, we simply ask that all volunteers be at least 16 years of age or older to volunteer by themselves unless noted. Some of the various roles can be:

• Fans in the stands
• Track Judge / Timer
• Event timer / Scores recorder
• Referee or Umpire
• Announcer for Basketball or Softball Games
• Skills Competition Assistant
• Bowling Lane Worker
• And many more…

Volunteer Now:

Complete the online Class B Registration Form for the specific event that you are volunteering for. Event volunteer opportunities are posted on an as needed basis.

For questions or for more information contact Louise Miller