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plunging for a purpose

Michael Bullock

Michael Bullock

Profession: Stop & Shop Porter, Eternal Optimist

Hometown:  Rumford, RI

Super Plunger Since: 2017

What initially prompted you to get involved in the Super Plunge for Special Olympics Rhode Island?
I wanted to be the first athlete to do the Super Plunge and I wanted to test myself to see how I would do physically and emotionally, and to show others that SORI athletes can achieve anything they put their minds to.

Describe at a high level the Super Plunge experience.
The sleep deprivation, freezing water, and the tide are the greatest challenges, but I don’t let these things make me run out of steam. I stay positive and keep my team motivated that we can do this, and they motivate me as well. Thinking about other athletes keeps me and my Super Plunge team motivated too and helps us all stay upbeat.

Given that you’re plunging into icy waters every hour for 24 hours straight, are you able to eat or sleep at all?
I do eat and get a little sleep.

How do you personally prepare for the Super Plunge?
I wing it in terms of preparing for 24 plunges into the ice-cold water but I do prepare for what happens in between the plunges. I bring extra clothes to change into and plenty of bathing suits and towels so I always have something dry to reach for after every plunge.

During the Super Plunge, are there any steps you take or rituals you follow before and/or after each of the 24-hour plunges?
I try to stay warm with extra blankets.

Describe how you feel physically and emotionally after the final 24th plunge?
I feel tired after the final plunge but also proud that I did all 24 plunges for 24 hours.

Do you have a favorite memory from any of the Super Plunges you’ve participated in?
Yes, my first year in 2017 where I motivated people during the coldest plunge weekend ever. I told my teammates to stay strong and reminded them that we are almost finished and to think of the athletes we are supporting.

What message would you like to share with members of the public about your commitment to the Super Plunge and the athletes of Special Olympics Rhode Island, and about how members of the public can support this initiative?
We are able to raise a lot of money leading up to and during the plunge and we appreciate people coming out to support the plungers and the athletes of SORI. It’s a fun weekend so come out and support everyone at Torch Run Plunge weekend!

Aside from the Super Plunge, are you involved with Special Olympics Rhode Island in any other way?
I’m an athlete representative on SORI’s Board of Directors, a member of the Athlete Leadership Council, and the Director of Special Olympics Rhode Island Magazine

Anything else you’d like to add about the Super Plunge or Special Olympics Rhode Island?
I’d just like to remind everyone that Plunge Weekend is a lot of fun and to come check it out, and to also consider attending any SORI event to support our great athletes. We appreciate everyone’s support!


The Plunging for a Purpose Series

The “Plunging for a Purpose” series celebrates the indomitable spirit of the Torch Run Super Plunge participants. These remarkable individuals are gearing up for an extraordinary challenge: plunging into icy waters every hour for a relentless 24-hour stretch, starting at 1 p.m. on March 23 and concluding at noon on March 24, all at Salty Brine State Beach. Their goal? To raise vital funds and awareness for the athletes of Special Olympics Rhode Island. Through their dedication and selflessness, they inspire us all. Join us in supporting their cause by considering a donation to their remarkable endeavor.