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plunging for a purpose

Brittany Carpenter

Brittany Carpenter

Profession: Police Officer, Town of Westerly

Hometown:  Charlestown, RI

First-Time Super Plunger 

What prompted you to get involved in the Super Plunge for Special Olympics Rhode Island this year?
From a young age, I was extremely involved in the community, actively engaging in 4H and other charity organizations. I think this made me open to other philanthropic initiatives like the Super Plunge. I first learned about the Super Plunge through Richmond Police Chief Elwood Johnson, who started the fundraiser. At the time, I was working for the Town of Richmond in the DPW department. Chief Johnson’s deep commitment to Special Olympics caught my attention, and I found myself drawn to his involvement. At the same time, I volunteered at the Richmond Carolina Fire Department and developed a close bond with a Special Olympics athlete named Christopher Sherman and his family. Attending fundraisers and events with them made me even more interested in Special Olympics. Then, while undergoing training at the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy, I organized a fundraiser for another Special Olympics athlete, Matthews Wish. This experience deepened my desire to contribute to the incredible work being done for these athletes. After accompanying the Sherman family to the Super Plunge events, I felt compelled to ask about joining the team. I wanted to align myself with an organization that made such a meaningful impact on countless families. Witnessing the joy on Chris Sherman’s face whenever he felt the support of the community made my heart full. The appreciation these athletes have for their support systems is amazing, making me want to play a role in giving them the recognition they deserve. After years of involvement, I am proud to say that I am now a member of the Super Plunge team!

What do you hope to achieve through your participation in the 2024 Super Plunge for Special Olympics Rhode Island?
I hope to get support from many businesses and individuals for this year’s Super Plunge. My goal is to raise funds, but also to raise awareness about the significant contributions this organization makes to families, members, and athletes.

Given that you’ll be plunging into icy waters every hour for 24 hours straight, are you taking any steps to prepare for this initiative?
24 plunges in 24 hours…. sounds crazy! I have been trying to take a few cold showers between the freezing days we’ve been having to ATTEMPT to prepare myself for this challenge!

What message would you like to share with members of the public about your commitment to the Super Plunge and the athletes of Special Olympics Rhode Island, and about how members of the public can support this initiative?
I cannot describe the feeling you get when you witness an athlete’s face light up after experiencing the massive support system behind them. So, I’ll just say this: for anyone interested in witnessing the commitment and determination of the Super Plungers…come out and join us for the final plunge!! Or, if you’d rather stay warm, come out and hold a towel for one of the Super Plungers and cheer us on from the sidelines!!! Every bit of support means the world to the athletes and their families.

Anything else you’d like to add about the Super Plunge or Special Olympics Rhode Island?
For anyone wishing to donate to this incredible fundraising initiative, visit Special Olympics Rhode Island’s website or donate to my fundraising page by clicking on the purple button below. Please help the amazing athletes of Special Olympics Rhode Island and their families! Your generosity will not go unnoticed – trust me.



The Plunging for a Purpose Series

The “Plunging for a Purpose” series celebrates the indomitable spirit of the Torch Run Super Plunge participants. These remarkable individuals are gearing up for an extraordinary challenge: plunging into icy waters every hour for a relentless 24-hour stretch, starting at 1 p.m. on March 23 and concluding at noon on March 24, all at Salty Brine State Beach. Their goal? To raise vital funds and awareness for the athletes of Special Olympics Rhode Island. Through their dedication and selflessness, they inspire us all. Join us in supporting their cause by considering a donation to their remarkable endeavor.