Hi everyone!

Hope you are all staying positive and doing well! I wanted to reach out and provide a resource for all of you
to help you keep healthy: FIT 5.

We’ve been doing the exercises from FIT 5 during my live videos. Speaking of which, here are the YouTube links to
my 3 videos from last week:

March 23 Fitness Video               March 25 Fitness Video               March 27 Fitness Video

Now, what exactly is FIT 5? It is a plan for physical activity, nutrition, and hydration to help improve your health and fitness and
ultimately help make you the best athlete you can be! FIT 5 encourages us to:

  • Exercise 5 days a week
  • Eat 5 total fruits and vegetables per day
  • Drink 5 water bottles per day

Today, I’m going to talk about the first bullet point, exercise. Your FIT 5 goal is to exercise 5 days a week.
There are so many ways to be active and exercise!  Exercise builds endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance.

  • Endurance helps you to run further and play longer, while taking fewer breaks.
    Examples: running, cycling, walking the dog, dancing
  • Strength helps you to throw farther, run faster, and jump higher!
    Examples: lifting weights, using medicine balls and resistance bands
  • Flexibility prevents injuries to your muscles and joints by helping your body move easier in different directions.
    Examples: Stretching before and after activity, yoga
  • Balance helps you avoid falling by giving you more control over your body.
    Examples: Yoga, practicing balance at home

If you already exercise with me on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, then you have 3 of those 5 days down! On the days
we don’t do a live video together, pick an activity from above. It can be as simple as taking a walk in your neighborhood if it is nice outside,
or re-watching one of our videos if it is raining.  Click here for the FIT 5 flashcards with the exercises we have been doing.

Keep sending in your workout selfies! I love seeing all of your smiling faces 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help with
finding ways to exercise! My email is stephanie@specialolympicsri.org.

In Health,