Happy December everyone! I wanted to remind you all about our upcoming Healthy Athletes event, Medfest!

What is MedFest?

In Rhode Island, over 4,000 Special Olympics athletes participate in games and events each year. But before they step on the playing field,
they are required to have a sports physical. MedFest is an opportunity for athletes to get their medical form completed by a doctor for free!

I know that going to a doctor’s office might seem scary to some of you. In Rhode Island, we do Medfest right at the Special Olympics office in Smithfield
and we like to make sure that it is a welcoming, comfortable environment for everyone. We have healthy snacks and drinks while you are waiting in the training room
and we turn the board room into 2 “exam rooms.” The doctors will take your height, weight, and blood pressure…no needles! Before you know it, your exam will be done
and you will be free to go! Easy peasy!

At MedFest all of the medical professionals have gone through a special training about working with individuals with disabilities and they also have a passion
for Special Olympics. Our clinical director, Dr. Amity Rubeor, has been in charge of MedFest for 7 years so she has lots of experience working with our athletes.
She is also a member of our Board of Directors and is a clinical professor at Brown University Medical School. Dr. Rubeor is very passionate about
Special Olympics and looks forward to MedFest every single year.

If you need to renew your medical form for 2020, Medfest gives you that opportunity without having to try to schedule a last minute appointment
with your doctor! Join us on Saturday, January 18 at the Special Olympics office in Smithfield, 370 George Washington Highway.
Please contact me (stephanie@specialolympicsri.org or 401-349-4900) to book an appointment slot.

Hope to see you at MedFest!

In Health,