Today, I want to cover a fun topic for many of us: dance! I think every person has at least ONE song that gets their toes tapping without even thinking (even if you don’t want to admit it!). Well, believe it or not, dancing is a great way to get physical activity incorporated into your day! Let’s look at some of the ways dance can help you achieve better health:

  1. It is a full body workout. From your head to your toes, every part of your body can benefit from dance. Dancing can also improve our aerobic capacity and endurance, which means we can exercise harder and longer without getting as tired.
  2. Improved balance and coordination. As we get older, we can often struggle with both balance and coordination. The steps and movements we master on the dance floor can encourage us to be surer of our steps and movements off the dance floor.
  3. It can relieve stress. What better way to work off some steam than to sing and dance along to one of your favorite songs? Activities such as dance release chemicals in your body called endorphins, which improve your mood and lower stress and anxiety levels.
  4. No extra equipment needed! All you need to dance are yourself and some awesome tunes! Bonus: you can dance anywhere!
  5. Anyone can join in on the fun! There is no wrong way to dance; everyone moves in their own way, which is the best part! It’s also an awesome way to meet new friends who enjoy dancing along to the same songs as you!

There you have it! There are so many reasons why it is great for our health, so let’s all put on our dancing shoes and dance our way to better health!

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Join us for our new UNIFED dance series, Athletes in Motion, starting March 27! Classes are Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6-7 pm at the Special Olympics RI office. Contact Stephanie Beaudette at or 401-349-4900 to reserve your spot; class sizes are limited! Must have up to date medical/volunteer information to participate. We look forward to seeing you!