Gabrielle Giliotti has been involved with Special Olympics Rhode Island for over 24 years, participating with Special Olympics North Kingstown.   As a member of the team, Gabrielle participates in aquatics, bowling, volleyball and basketball.   She is an excellent role model, not only for her team, but for other Special Olympics Rhode Island athletes.

She is a member of the production crew for Special Olympics Rhode Island Magazine, always eager to take her place as the floor director for show.  As a member of the television production crew, she has traveled to North Carolina and Ireland to cover the 1999 and 2003 World Summer Games.

Besides being an athlete, Gabrielle is also a Global Messenger and spends a lot of her time spreading the message of Special Olympics to everyone she comes in contact with.   She is always busy making beautiful pins, bracelets and t-shirts to sell to raise money for Special Olympics Rhode Island.  Gabrielle designs many of her jewelry pieces with the Special Olympics logo on them making them very popular items.

Gabrielle also makes sure that everyone knows when a Torch Run event or Special Olympics event is taking place in their community. She is always stopping by the office to gather posters and flyers to hang in local businesses or to give to everyone she meets.   She is someone who is always asking, “what can I do to help”.

Gabrielle is an incredible person and the generosity of her time is a valuable gift to Special Olympics Rhode Island. She shares so much of her friendship and heart with us, gifts that cannot be measured or reimbursed.  We are so  honored to have her as part of our Special Olympics Rhode Island family and to induct her into the 2019 Hall of Fame Class.